Sep 142013

Space Hoppers’ 1st Birthday

The Space Hoppers’ First Birthday Party was held in Guilsfield on Wednesday, 28th August 2013.

As last year, a great evening’s fun and entertainment was had, the highlight being the cutting of the Space Hoppers’ birthday cake, courtesy of Penny Teague!

Race results are as follows:

Fillies u-5: 1st:  Maddie Smith 2nd: Alexa Teague

Fillies 5-10: 1st:  Sopfia Humphries 2nd:  Jasmine Teague 3rd: Laura Bennett

Colts 5-10: 1st:  Jo Walters 2nd:  Harry Waterworth 3rd: Rhys Pryce

Fillies u-16: 1st:  Amy Emberton 2nd:  Sofia Humphries 3rd: Jane Cook

Colts u-16: 1st:  Alfred Hughes 2nd:  Frankie Dettori 3rd: Jack Cowell

Stallions: 1st:  Lewis Parr 2nd:  Little D**khead 3rd: Armitage Shanks

Maidens: 1st:  Sofia Humphries 2nd:  Charlotte Humphries 3rd: Jasmine Wells

Mares: 1st:  Charlotte Humphries 2nd:  Karen Davies 3rd: Sofia Humphries

Pony Club: 1st:  Amy Emberton 2nd:  Kate D. 3rd: Emily McLean

Para: 1st: Kara Davies 2nd: Lyndon Dudding 3rd: Sam Davies

Photos are here in the gallery.

All proceeds to Tanatside Hunt.

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